Frequently asked questions


Overview of frequently asked questions and answers for using our static forms and form endpoints


I lost my form's admin link. What now?

If you have a form that is already linked to an Un-static account, you can just login! If you have just registered a form endpoint, use your form to submit to your form endpoint. You will receive an e-mail on your registered address which will contain a link to request your admin link!

I want to link my form to an account

To link a form endpoint to an account, please go to your endpoint's admin page, and there you can link it to your Un-static account.

How can I test if my form works?

If you take your form link and add ‘/test’ to the end of the URL, you see a page to easily test the different methods to address your form endpoints.


How do I use my Un-static form endpoint?

In order to use your form endpoint, you will need to include the form reference into the HTML form on your site.

Can I use Un-static forms from Javascript or jQuery.ajax()?

You can use Un-static forms from within Javascript as well. You will need to run your own Google reCAPTCHA or disable. We have step-by-step instructions for adding an AJAX contact form.

Can I use JSON data as well?

Yes, you can. Just as with an ajax call you will have to handle your own Google reCAPTCHA, and use the ajax endpoint.

Can I use Un-static forms with a Hugo static site?

It's easy to add an Un-static form to a website generated with Hugo. We have step-by-step instructions for adding a contact form to a Hugo site.

Brisk Forms

What happened to Brisk Forms?

We took control over the original briskforms.com domain and service at the end of 2019. Everything should still be working. If not, let us know!