Hassle free Contact Forms on your site

Host contact forms for your visitors on your website, without exposing your e-mail address to spammers, or needing to install scripts on your server.

Packages dropping with parachutes

A simple way to add contact forms

With Un-static you get forms, without all the hassle of back-end code and without the security risks.

No more need to expose your e-mail address!

Ideal for static sites where you would have to leave your e-mail address online to allow people to contact you. With a form endpoint from Un-static you don't have to show your e-mail address anywhere on your site.

Free delivery to your inbox!

We deliver your form submissions to your inbox for free.

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No code needed!

No need to understand PHP, JavaScript or any other language. Just copy and paste.

Why us?

We are not just a form endpoint provider. We run static sites ourselves.


We will never share your e-mail address with a third party.

No Spam

We won't send you any marketing e-mails unless you specifically give us permission. And even then it will be sporadic.

Spam Blocking

We block 85% of the form submissions because they are definitely sent by bots.


More than 600 site owners trust us with their e-mail addresses so spammers cannot steal them.

Receive messages today.

It is simple.

Register a form endpoint, add the endpoint in your form, and sit back and relax.

We feel your pain!

We have been targeted by spammers our entire lives as well. We hate spammers stealing e-mail address too. And we don't like bots either.

Stay off the spammer's list!

Spammers are constantly crawling the web for new e-mail addresses and online forms to add to their spam lists. It's illegal, but spammers don't follow the law. When you are on such a list you will never get removed.

Stop bots in their tracks!

When using Un-static forms your e-mail address never gets exposed to spammers, bots will have a hard time sending automated messages and you can just focus on the messages that matter!


The right price for you, whoever you are

Our promise: We don’t believe in forcing you to upgrade tiers to get better features. So as long as you have an account, you get access to all our features. If you want to support us, or if you are using more resources than we can afford to offer for free, we would really appreciate if you get a subscription to Un-static Forms.

Regular account


All functionality but with usage limits.

  • Unlimited forms

  • 25 form messages / month

  • E-mail support

  • HTTPS form endpoints

  • Spam filtering


$90 /yr or $9/mo

All functionality without any limits.

  • Everything from the Free Account

  • Unlimited messages

No account

Get access to all of the basis functionality with usage limits for free.

What's the difference?

The main difference between a free account and a subscription?
The amount of resources you are allowed to use.

Side-by-side Feature Comparison