Our promise: We don’t believe in forcing you to upgrade tiers to get better features. So as long as you have an account, you get access to all our features. If you want to support us, or if you are using more resources than we can afford to offer for free, we would really appreciate if you get a subscription to Un-static Forms.

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Form endpoints
Number of forms Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Form submissions / form / month 25 25 Unlimited
HTTP POST support
Ease of use
E-mail support
Set mail Reply-To field

When we send you a mail about a submission on one of your forms, we don't known which field represents the e-mail address of your visitor. If you tell us, we will set the Reply-To in the e-mail we send so you can immediately respond from your mail client.

Security and Spam Prevention
HTTPS form endpoints

We believe in security for everyone. All our endpoints use HTTPS, so your visitor's information is securely transported to us.

Automatic Google reCAPTCHA

We automatically add a Google reCAPTCHA after submission to your endpoint to weed out those annoying bots!

Host reCAPTCHA on own site

To streamline your form, you can also provide us with your Google reCAPTCHA key so you can host it on your own site!

Disable reCAPTCHA altogether

In case you are using some other form of spam control, you can disable Google reCAPTCHA for your form endpoints.

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