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Easy setup

You can just create a form without registering an account or adding any code to your server or website. You only have to verify your e-mail address and add our custom form endpoint in your form, and you are good to go!

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E-mail address protection

We’ve all been there. You add your e-mail address on your website, and suddenly you are overloaded with SPAM from bots that scraped your address from your site. With Un-static Forms, you don’t have to publish your e-mail address online anymore. Just create a new static form endpoint and your e-mail address is hidden from sight.

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Redirect back to your site

After your user fills in your form, and it’s submitted here to Un-static, they will be redirected back to your site. From their perspective they’ve never even left your site.

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Directly reply to submissions

If you link your form endpoint to an Un-static account, you can tell us which submission field contains the e-mail address of your customer. That way we can make you life easier, and allow you to direct reply to a form submission you receive from us in your mailbox.

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